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2022 Sport Fan’s Wishlist by J.T.

2022 Sport Fan’s Wishlist

By J.T.

One of the greatest things about a new year is the feeling of change, making things better, try and make changes. I know it also means 10,000 people will pay for a gym membership they will use until early April. But as a huge sports fan I have some changes I would love to see in my 4 major sports and not to mention my college football and college hoops. I know that 99.9% of these will not come true. But I am asking for it anyways!

-MLB– I am hoping for some kind of salary cap that will force a team like Pittsburgh to spend some money. Yes, produce a salary floor, force owners to spend some of their free handout money they get from the big owners. I want to know that a Bryan Reynolds will get extended and not be traded when his arbitration years are gone.

-MLB- I am hoping for the hitting to catch up to the pitching. I am tired of all the strikeouts, and I am tired of full-time hitters hitting under .200

MLB- Please get rid of the horrendous extra inning rule of putting the last batted out at 2nd to start the extra inning. This pains me tremendously

-MLB- Can we cut down on the Joe Buck broadcasts!!! I am tired of Joe Buck

-NFL- I am praying that WR’s will STOP letting us know they got enough yards to gain a first down. We have a yellow line at home and your 18-yard reception on 3rd and 4 is easy for us to figure it out, no need to make the first down motion, we have referees for that.

-NFL- Can the defenses please stop running seventy-five yards down the field after a turnover to take a stupid group picture in front of the camera??? Especially when you are down twenty points in the third quarter. STOP.

-NFL- Can we get a non-Tom Brady Super Bowl? Please? I admit Tom you are the best ever, hands down. Give me an Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl win in 2022.

-NFL- Can we cut down on the Joe Buck broadcasts!!! I am tired of Joe Buck

-NHL- Can we start calling interference? When a guy drives the puck down the boards and the defensive player cuts him off without trying to retrieve the puck this is interference.

-NHL- Can we extend the 3 on 3 OT to 10 minutes instead of 5? This is the most amazing hockey we get to see

-NBA- Can we once and for all end the LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan argument? He is not! And if you were not old enough to see MJ play with the Bulls you are not aloud to even speak on this. LeBron is great, but MJ was a God.

-NBA- Can NBA teams stop shooting 150 three pointers a game? Basketball is a beautiful sport when played right. I miss the days when teams used people in the paint. All you see now is long range shots with no offensive flow.

-NCAA Football- I hope for the portal to continue to even the playing field. The talent will continue to be there for the middle teams who cannot always get the 4- and 5-star players.

-NCAA Football- Can we please expand the playoffs to 8 or 12 teams? 4 is not enough. Make this happen STAT.

-NCAA Basketball- I really wish that the G-League would not sign players who would be college standouts.

NCAA Basketball- I want the tournament to have the excitement of past years, it seems like we are slowly getting away from that. I know Covid the past couple of years has made it tough.

OTHER- Can we stop having to watch Rob Gronkowski USAA commercials? I feel bad for him. And while we are at it can we stop these home with Baker commercials??? C’mon……please.


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