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Blue-White Game 2023 Notes:

by Emmet Mahon

1st Quarter:

  • National anthem performed by redshirt junior OL, Golden Israel-Achumba.

  • White team kicks off to the Blue.

  • Drew Allar gets the start. Shockingly.

  • First attempt incomplete.

  • Three and out for the Blue. Miscommunication between Allar and KeAndre Lambert-

  • Smith.

  • Beau Pribula starts for White. Completes first attempt to Malik McCain.

  • Three and out for the White.

  • Second series, Blue goes up-tempo, Allar with nice RPO for 8.

  • First 1st down, Allar to Kaytron Allen.

  • Allar off target for Allen, would have walked in for the TD.

  • 3rd and 8, Allar finds a wide-open Omari Evans for 28-yard TD.

  • Alex Felkins adds the uncontested XP.

  • First sack of the game picked up by Kalen King

  • End of quarter

As expected, the first quarter was disorganized and inconsistent. Not much to say other than both

QBs have shown very nice mobility and escap-ability.

2nd Quarter:

  • Pribula with a keeper for six yards.

  • Nick Singleton picks up White’s first 1st do

wn with 5-yard draw.

  • Pribula runs the Blue offense. Begins with a dime for 22 to Evans. 1st and goal at the 3.

  • Perfect pass.

  • Pass interference on UNC transfer, Storm Duck. 1st down

  • Two runs and an incompletion. Felkins FG. 22 yards. Blue 10-0.

  • Freshman Jaxson Smolik at QB for White. Fumbles shot gun snap. Loses 11.

  • Screen play up for grabs. Could have been caught by White OL Vega Ioane or Blue DB

  • Kalen King. Less than ideal execution.

  • Allar was almost tracked down by Dani Dennis-Sutton. Escapes and throws away.

  • Blue loses possession on bad Allar miss.

  • Three and out.

  • Pribula returns for the White squad.

  • Blue gets the ball back with 52 seconds.

  • Khalil Dinks with two receptions. Only TE catches on the day.

  • Allen drops open dump off. Didn’t matter, Allar sacked. In Allen’s defense, the umpire

  • had great coverage.

  • Allar hit two deepish passes, one to Cristian Driver and Tyler Johnson to end the half.

  • End of 2nd Quarter. 1st Half.

The second quarter a little more productive. More downfield shots. As is usual with these types

of games, it is very vanilla and reveals nothing. Interesting that Dinkins got both TE receptions.

3rd Quarter:

  • White starts with the ball in the 2nd half.

  • Pribula is still in for White.

  • McClain targeted often.

  • Amiel Davis with a nice cutback and picking up a 1st down on 4th and 2.

  • Chop Robinson tracks down Davis for a four-yard loss.

  • Pribula misses McClain deep on 3rd and 14.

  • Jim O’Hora award winner, Curtis Jacobs, announced. Most improved defensive player

  • during spring drills.

  • Allar is still at QB for Blue.

  • Nick Singleton was named award winner of the Red Worrell Award for most improved

  • offensive player during Spring Practice.

  • Allar with a nice escape, roll and completion to Evans for 19. 1st down.

  • End of quarter.

  • Not much of anything that quarter. Keeping the playbook close to the vest.

4th Quarter:

  • Olu Fashanu and Keaton Ellis announced as Frank Patrick Memorial Award winners for

  • Total Commitment in Spring Practice. (After the game, James Franklin announced both

  • were named captains this morning).

  • Allar to Kaden Saunders for 16 and a 1st down.

  • Tank Smith busts one through the line for 13.

  • Zuriah Fisher disrupts a shuttle pass to Tyler Johnson for a four- yard loss.

  • Another Dinkins target.

  • Turnover on downs.

  • Pribula avoids the rush, rolls out. Falls. Zane Durant is the closest player to him.

  • Tyler Duzansky was named Special Teams player of the Spring Practice.

  • Nice one-handed grab by Smith bails out besieged Allar.

  • Allar with deep pass to Saunders. 23 yards. 1st down.

  • Allar with a Patrick Mahomes like sidearm to Saunders. The best one-yard pass on the

  • day.

  • Allar with slight overthrow/drop by Saunders. Might have scored.

  • Allar tries to thread a ball in between two defenders. Ends as you might expect. Broken

  • up by Mehki Flowers.

  • A short pass to Anthony Ivey dragged

down at the one. Turnover on downs.

  • Pribula to Driver for 4 gets White off the goal line.

  • Pribula racking up prevent stats. 11 yards to Tyler Holzworth.

  • Nine more to Holzworth.

  • 15 yards for hands to the face on the Blue. Automatic 1st down.

  • Pribula intercepted by Jashaun Green to end things.

  • Blue squad look liked they wanted to practice the pitchy-pitchy-woo-woo play.

  • Joey Schlaffer catches the short pass from Allar. Tony Rojas ruins the fun by tackling him

  • immediately.

A little more entertaining action this quarter. Like the previous three, nothing truly

noteworthy. A lot of play for backups on offense.

For the game, absolutely nothing is going to move the needle. It is a good thing these games

don’t affect rankings. The biggest and most important takeaway is that nobody got injured.

One turnover late in “the game”.

Game Statistics:

Blue Team: White Team:


Allar 19-30, 202 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT Pribula 7-22, 56 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT

Pribula 3-5, 36 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT Smolik 0-1, 0 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT


Allen 4-15 yards, 0 TD, 6 LNG Davis 6-13 yards, 0 TD, 6 LNG

Smith 3-13 yards, 0 TD, 13 LNG Smith 2-2 yards, 0 TD, 1 LNG

Flowers 3-11 yards, 0 TD, 5 LNG

Singleton 6-11 yards, 0 TD, 6 LNG


Evans 5-80 yards, 1 TD, 28 LNG, 32 YAC Holzworth 2-20 yards, 0 TD, 11 LNG, 17 YAC

Saunders 4-57 yards, 0 TD, 23 LNG, 7 YAC McClain 2-18 yards, 0 TD, 11 LNG. 4 YAC

Driver 3-27 yards, 0 TD, 16 LNG, 20 YAC Meiga 1-8 yards, 0 TD, 8 LNG, 6 YAC

Ivey 3-22 yards, 0 TD, 9 LNG, 12 YAC

Johnson 2-20 yards, 0 TD, 24 LNG, 0 YAC

Dinkins 2-14 yards, 0 TD, 7 LNG, 4 YAC


  • Attendance was announced as 63,000. That statement was met with audible laughter and

  • good-natured doubt.

  • Coach Franklin began by addressing the #3 wide receiver spot and the lack of a player to

  • grab that role. He believed that Omari Evans did a good job stepping up today.

  • Dani Dennis-Sutton is unblockable. High praise considering PSU’s expected offensive

  • line pedigree this season.

  • Sophomore safety Kevin Winston, Jr. caught his eye. “Was all over the place”.

  • He is very pleased with the depth of the entire team. “Back to pre-COVID” levels.

  • Unhappy with the current punting situation. Disappointed that none of the punters could

  • unload any long or high punts, especially since there was no rush on them.

  • The post-touchdown Unsportsman-Like penalty drew his ire. Was looking forward to

  • congratulating the player (Evans) instead of disciplining him.

  • Injured players who did not dress today are expected to be ready for the fall. Tr


  • staff informed him there were no significant injuries suffered today.

  • The staff hopes to find defensive line depth and competition in the newly opened

  • transferred portal. They will also explore depth and competition at wide receiver. He did

  • not mention incoming transfer WR and Penn Hills native, Dante Cephus (Kent State). H

  • noted that they don’t limit who they would bring in based on position. “We will always

  • welcome great players”.

  • Before the game, three captains were named, Senior safety Keaton Ellis (defense), Junior

  • offensive tackle Olumuyiwa “Olu” Fashanu (offense), and Redshirt Sophomore

  • linebacker Dominic DeLuca (special teams). He said they could add up to three more

  • captains after summer camp before the West Virginia game.

  • Leadership has taken on a different style this year. Previously, Franklin said, there were

  • six to twelve very vocal, very experienced leaders. This team has four to six players who

  • lead by example and work ethic.

  • Players will begin to meet with individual position coaches and conditioning staff to

  • review progress, establish goals to be met and asses each players place on the team. After

  • all those meetings are concluded, Franklin will meet with every player on the roster. “A

  • grind”.

  • On Sunday, back up redshirt junior OL Jimmy Crist entered the transfer portal.

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