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Chapman’s Confidence Bowl Picks by TJ Chapman


The 2021 College Football Season is ending, and I will make my confidence picks for the final 24 bowl games. While I love college football, even 168,000 bowl games are too many. This is a product of the “everyone gets a trophy” era. I understand on one hand that each team in the bowl games gets some free pub and a trip to a bowl destination, but the “get off the lawn” part of me thinks teams with a 6-6 record should not be in a bowl game. Also, each team in the bowl game is given a number of tickets that they must sell. Example, Team X is going to a bowl game and must pay for 12,000 tickets. For that school to recoup that money they must sell these tickets. For traditional blue blood schools this is not too difficult but a lot of times you have teams who do not travel well and cannot sell the allotment of tickets. When this happens, these schools do not profit from going to these games financially. However, the coaching staffs love the extra practice time, and the players enjoy getting a vacation, as most of the bowl sites are in the south or the west, where the weather in December and January is still warm. Sometimes, even when you have blueblood school in a bowl game their fan base is used to their team getting a much better bowl game, but they had a bad season. So now you have a situation where the disgruntled fans are not wasting their money on a trip to the two thousand Flushes Toilet Bowl. (Amazingly, that is NOT a real bowl game)

Below are my confidence picks for the last 24 bowl games that start on Tuesday, December 28th. For those of you who are not familiar with confidence picks, this is how it works: 24 games get ranked 24 to 1. I give a 24 to the team who I think has the best chance of winning their game and a 1 to the team I have the least confidence in winning their game. For example, Ohio State is going to beat Utah and I am more confident in the Buckeyes beating Utah than any other team of these 24 games. For each team I correctly pick to win I get that many points. So, if Ohio State beats Utah I get 24 points for that win. Feel free to post your comments or even your confidence picks for these 24 games. Good luck and have fun!

24: Ohio State over Utah

23: Miami over Washington State

22: Georgia over Michigan

21: Tennessee over Purdue

20: Ole Miss over Baylor

19: Pitt over Michigan State

18: Wisconsin over Arizona State

17: Penn State over Arkansas

16: Clemson over Iowa State

15: Oregon over Oklahoma

14: Minnesota over West Virginia

13: Houston over Auburn

12: Mississippi State over Texas Tech

11: Boise State over Central Michigan

10: SMU over Virginia

9: North Carolina over South Carolina

8: LSU over Kansas State

7: Kentucky over Iowa

6: Notre Dame over Oklahoma State

5: Wake Forest over Texas A&M

4: North Carolina State over UCLA

3: Maryland over Virginia Tech

2: Cincinnati over Alabama

1: Louisville over Air Force

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