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Crazy NFL Trade Deadline by Logan Lepiscopo

NFL Trade Deadline Day

By: Logan Lepiscopo

What an incredible day it truly was on November 1, 2022, with 11 deals and 14 players traded. It was the most on deadline day in the last 30 years! In total the weeks leading up to the deadline there were 20 players traded, which is in fact the most in NFL history. From the big trades involving Christian McCaffrey to Bradley Chubb to Roquan Smith, to minor trades like Jeff Wilson Jr., Dean Marlowe, and Rashad Fenton. In this article I want to highlight each and every trade that happened on deadline day (10 deals, 12 players) by giving the trade details and a brief opinion on the premises of the trade. 

Baltimore Ravens & Chicago Bears

Baltimore receives: 

  1. Roquan Smith

Chicago receives: 

  1. A.J. Klein, 2023 second-round draft pick, and 2023 fifth-round draft pick

This was the trade that kicked it all off on trade deadline day and it was a big-time trade that at first glance would seem like the Ravens obviously won getting a 25-year-old linebacker, but it is not as glamorous as it seems for Baltimore. The Ravens will have Marcus Peters, Lamar Jackson, and now Roquan Smith with contracts that expire after this season. The problem with this is that the Ravens will have to pay both Lamar Jackson and Roquan Smith in the same offseason, and both will likely want and should receive contracts that make them one of, if not the highest paid player at their respective position. Baltimore will only have 39.6 million dollars in cap space next season, which I do not think by any means is enough to pay both Jackson and Smith. Chicago made away very well in this trade getting A.J. Klein is quite a bit older than Roquan Smith but still a solid player to have at the linebacker position. As well, getting two picks in the 2023 draft is big time for Chicago as the team is in the midst of trying to rebuild the team. Also did I mention that by not signing Roquan Smith to a big contract that the Bears will have over 100M dollars going into 2023 free agency. 

Minnesota Vikings & Detroit Lions

Minnesota receives: 

  1. T.J. Hockenson, 2023 fourth-round draft pick, and 2024 conditional fourth-round draft pick

Detroit receives: 

  1. 2023 second-round draft pick and 2024 third-round draft pick

Never did I think T.J. Hockenson would be traded, let alone an in-division trade, especially considering this is the first time the Lions have made an in-division trade since 1998! As far as true value goes I will say that the Lions won this trade, but I could see a clear argument for either side. Detroit is set to be in negative cap space to begin the 2023 offseason, getting rid of T.J. Hockenson was a big chunk of cap space the team would have been taking. Detroit is still in the process of rebuilding; the team has a lot of good key pieces but adding a second-round pick in this upcoming draft and then a third-round pick two years from now in 2024. The Vikings offense was already very good, adding Hockenson forces defenses to have one more person to account for on every play. I do not think Hockenson will be used effectively in the Vikings offense as a passing option. I see him being more of a blocker and when running routes just being used to open up the field for Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen. The one fourth-round pick (2023) will stay as is, but the conditional pick (2024) becomes a fifth rounder if the Vikings win a playoff game in the next two seasons. Vikings have the upper hand in the trade from a win-now perspective, but in terms of trying to rebuild for the future the Detroit Lions will take the crown there. 

Chicago Bears & Pittsburgh Steelers

Chicago receives: 

  1. Chase Claypool

Pittsburgh receives: 

  1. 2023 second-round draft pick

When the rumors first started about Chase Claypool being traded I immediately said that he is worth nothing more than a fourth-round pick… The Bears and I did not agree completely as they traded a second-round pick for this upcoming draft, something I did not expect considering the Bears would have had two picks in the second-round since the trade with the Baltimore Ravens came first. Chicago and Pittsburgh both came out winners in this trade: the Bears got a wide receiver that will fill a huge positional need and the Steelers got a draft pick to help with its rebuilding process. 

Pittsburgh Steelers & Washington Commanders

Pittsburgh receives: 

  1. William Jackson III and 2025 conditional seventh-round draft pick

Washington receives: 

  1. 2025 conditional sixth-round draft pick

The Steelers stayed active in the final hours of the trading deadline getting a cornerback to help out what has been a very lackluster secondary this season. The Commanders had mentioned potentially releasing William Jackson III after the 4:00pm EST time window for the trade deadline and the Steelers obviously did not want that to happen. Jackson has not lived up to the original contract that he signed with Washington, but with the Steelers cornerback room being injury ridden why not add a cornerback with injury issues entering his 30’s. The two draft picks are not for another three NFL draft’s but getting that dead cap of 17.25M dollars off the team is exactly what the Commanders were trying to avoid by finding a last-minute trade partner. 

Miami Dolphins & Denver Broncos

Miami receives: 

  1. Bradley Chubb and 2025 fifth-round draft pick

Denver receives: 

  1. Chase Edmonds, 2023 first-round draft pick, and 2024 fourth-round draft pick

I did not think this trade would actually happen, but here we are now, Bradley Chubb’s new home is down in Miami. The Dolphins are officially entering win-now mode, as the team traded away its first round pick this upcoming draft and a fourth rounder the following year. Chase Edmonds was just kind of thrown in there because he was not getting much play time with the Dolphins, and the Broncos have been trying to find a solid starter since Javonte Williams went down. It is tough to label a winner and a loser of this trade, the Dolphins are looking to win now and get a defensive end that is going to be good for many years to come. Whereas the Broncos gave up that defensive end of the future for a rental running back and two valuable picks in the next two upcoming drafts. If I had to label a winner it would have to be the Dolphins because Bradley Chubb is equivalent to that first round pick when he is healthy. 

Jacksonville Jaguars & Atlanta Falcons

Jacksonville receives: 

  1. Calvin Ridley

Atlanta receives: 

  1. 2023 conditional fifth-round draft pick and 2024 conditional fourth-round draft pick

This trade is not getting enough love as when Calvin Ridley is healthy and able to play he is one of the most explosive wide receivers in the NFL. Now there is potential that Ridley does not get reinstated at the very beginning of the 2023 season, but with the backlash the NFL got for giving Ridley such a severe suspension for what he had done. The Jaguars likely will still not be an incredible team even with this trade, but the offense gets significantly better with what Ridley is able to do and the step up that Trevor Lawrence has taken as a passer. If the Jaguars can make something out of its defense in free agency and the draft come 2023 I could see the team becoming a 7-to-8-win team. I am giving the Jaguars the win in this trade because Ridley is truly a game changer when he gets the football in his hands. 

Miami Dolphins & San Francisco 49ers 

Miami receives: 

  1. Jeff Wilson Jr. 

San Francisco receives: 

  1. 2023 fifth-round draft pick

This is not really a trade worth giving much of an analysis of due to the insignificant value of the player to the team. Jeff Wilson Jr. is lucky if he gets and snaps because it seems that the team is fully committed to having Raheem Mostert being the workhorse back. The 49ers win this trade just because of the value of the draft pick compared to just having Wilson be stuck behind Christian McCaffrey and not getting any true reps in the offense. 

Denver Broncos & New York Jets

Denver receives: 

  1. Jacob Martin and 2024 fifth-round draft pick

New York receives: 

  1. 2024 fourth-round draft pick

The Broncos trade away one defensive end and get another… just significantly worse. I will give the Jets the upper hand in this trade because they flipped a 2024 fifth-round pick for a fourth-round pick and also got rid of a player that would have cost them about 8.5M dollars combined over 2023 and 2024. 

Buffalo Bills & Indianapolis Colts

Buffalo receives: 

  1. Nyheim Hines

Indianapolis receives: 

  1. Zack Moss and 2023 conditional fifth-round draft pick

This was a very unexpected trade as Jonathan Taylor has been very disappointing this season and Nyheim Hines had been the receiving back for the team the last few years. Deon Jackson is likely going to be the guy when Jonathan Taylor is continuously injured and not performing, and Zack Moss will find himself once again pushed back into the third string role. The Bills got exactly what they wanted adding Nyheim Hines to the roster by now having pass catching back to the rotation with Devin Singletary. It is tough to say who won this trade when looking at it, but I am going to give it in favor of the Bills because they got a player that will change the offense. 

Atlanta Falcons & Kansas City Chiefs

Atlanta receives: 

  1. Rashad Fenton

Kansas City receives: 

  1. Conditional 2023 seventh-round draft pick

This is another trade that I do not really see much value in, the Falcons got a cornerback that they needed to help give some depth to the position and the Chiefs got a draft pick that will be used on a player that will likely not get any play time on the team. Give me the Falcons as the winner of this trade because of the fact that it helped out a position of need, and the Chiefs got a conditional seventh-round pick that will likely not be used for anything significant. 

Buffalo Bills & Atlanta Falcons

Buffalo Receives:

  1. Dean Marlowe

Atlanta Receives:

  1. 2023 seventh-round draft pick

The Bills have been struggling in the safety position so far this season with Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde being healthy, so it makes sense for the Bills to go out and make this addition to the secondary. The Bills also only gave up a seventh-round pick which is a huge plus as far as getting a player that is going to help out this struggling department for the Bills defense. 

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