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Don’t Ditch Mitch by J.T.

Don’t Ditch Mitch    by J.T.

Let me start off this article by stating that I am a huge Kenny Pickett fan, I have watched him play in every single collegiate game and enjoyed watching him grow as a quarterback. I would rather see Kenny take a redshirt in 2022 for several reasons which I will get into.

I got a question for all you football fans, and please take off your YINZER hats for a moment. Do you feel this Steelers team can match up with the Chiefs and Mahomes, Allen and the Bills, or even Lamar Jackson and the Ravens? Point is this Steelers team will struggle to make the playoffs and if they are lucky enough to get there, they will lose in round one. Sometimes a team needs to take a step back to take two steps forward. This should be the year that we hope for 6-11 not 9-8.

This offensive line is not what you want your young, future quarterback to play behind. First off look at the top paragraph, we are not that good of a team, and I would rather not risk an injury when you have a quarterback who is going to be here one year and be on his way. This o-line is very weak and unpredictable, and I would hate to see Pickett either hurt, or even worse become a mental case unsure of when he will be hit each time he drops back.

The Steelers offensive coordinator is not going to be the offensive coordinator next season. Matt Canada will most likely make it through this season (as changing coordinators during season is rough on all parties) I do feel for Canada though, a lot of his play calling is due to the offensive line being so below average. Quick passes, and not a lot of consistency in the run game leaves the offense in a lot of 3rd and long situations.

Three games? Between local media and message boards I am shocked at the lack of patience this city has.  Listening to local sports shows, they want Pickett in right now and they want Canada fired. Head Coach Mike Tomlin has had a non-losing record for an NFL record 15 straight seasons doing the right thing, not the popular thing. I hope Tomlin sees that 6-11 will push this team further along than a 9-8.  The Steelers need to draft offensive lineman, fire Canada, and give Pickett a fair shot to be successful. I don’t always agree with everything Tomlin does or says but l really like the fact that he stated Pickett will have a redshirt season. Mason Rudolph was kept for a reason, and I think this is what the Steelers had planned from day one, stick to it. I know this isn’t going to be a well-received article, but I feel this is the best direction this franchise can go.  If the Steelers were solid on the offensive line and had a bad defense I would say play Pickett, but if this team has these guys protecting their quarterbacks, I say…. Don’t Ditch Mitch it just isn’t worth the switch.

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