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Evan Neal Draft Profile by J.T.

Draft Profile

T- Evan Neal


6’ 7” 360 pounds


Neal transferred to the prestigious IMG Academy which is a place where high school athletes are bread for the college ranks. Evan was being chased early on by big SEC teams, including Alabama and Georgia. Neal is the nephew of Jimmie Jones, a two-time super bowl winner for the Miami Dolphins. Another uncle of Evan’s, Cleveland Gary was the 1990 NFL rushing touchdown leader. At one point in high school, he weighed over 390 pounds. Neal, despite the weight gain Neal was considered a 5-star recruit and #1 tackle in the class.


+ Cannot teach size. He is enormous

+ Mobility is no concern for his size

+ explosive first step

+ is a body mover


  1. Weight gain needs to be looked at, always

  2. Can at times become unbalanced

  3. Adjusting to the NFL’s speed may put in question of girth


Evan Neal will not make it out of the top five. Depending on who owns the top pick if tackle is a need he could/should go #1. If Evan shows to keep his weight in check, he should have a long NFL career and grow into one of the top tackles in the game.

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