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Garrett Wilson Scouting Report by J.T.

Garrett Wilson Scouting Report by J.T.

Wide Receiver

Ohio St.

6’ 0” 188 pounds


Wilson was a five-star recruit in the 2019 recruiting class and the second-best wide receiver in the state of Texas. Garrett’s character is also of five-star value as he won All-American Bowl Man of the Year twice for his community service. Born in Chicago and then moved at age 5 to Dublin, Ohio. In Ohio Wilson found his passion for football. At age 12 his family moved to Austin, Texas. Wilson went full circle signing with Ohio St. though he had several other big offers, including Texas.

Pros (+)

+ Explosive athlete

+ Can out jump taller defenders and catches passes at highest point

+ First 3 steps are dynamite and twitchy

+ Excels after the catch

+ Finds the holes in zones

Weaknesses (-)

  1. Has bouts of focus drops

  2. Will tend to make his first step without securing the pass

  3. Run blocking can be lazy and needs technique help

  4. Needs to get a little stronger for NFL


Garrett Wilson has top qualities when it comes to route running, and making plays after the catch. In a deep WR draft class Wilson could be anywhere from the top receiver taken to an early-mid second round pick. The combine will come into focus to help separate the top talents at the wideout position.

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