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Let’s See What They Got (Part Three)

by J.T. Toth

Photo courtesy of The Athletic.

With the season nearing an end, the Pirates have a chance to get valuable playing time for some of their younger players and elevate targeted prospects for their first major league experience. In essence, the season is over for the Bucs, so young guys will get 50 plus games to get their feet wet, make mistakes and as manager Derek Shelton said, “get used to the speed of the game.”

With many questions yet to be answered, Draft 412 has decided to go through each position and give our prediction on what may or may not happen when the Pirates step on the field March 28th, 2024 in Miami.

Right Field

The Pirates need to make a decision on what Henry Davis is going to do. Pittsburgh has not stepped back from the “Henry Davis will catch” comments they made earlier in the year, and with the possibility of Endy Rodriguez or Davis moving to first, the Pirates have options.

One scenario could be Rodriguez catching, Davis moving to first, and the Bucs hope a young outfielder like Canaan Smith-Njigba can take over in right field. Draft 412 still likes Rodriguez as catcher and Davis in right field, with the Pirates signing a veteran first baseman in 2024.

If Davis does move to the outfield, he will need work, but has already demonstrated his cannon of an arm can be a weapon.

Draft 412 choice - Henry Davis

Center Field

The Pirates have not had a steady presence in center field since Andrew McCutchen left in free agency. Bryan Reynolds held his own for a couple of seasons and since has been moved to left field. Jack Suwinski plays center field well, and does supply some power at the plate. His 21 home runs though does not make up for the fact that he is only hitting .210 and has 127 strikeouts in 377 at bats. He goes through long periods where he looks lost at the plate, but as of right now is our only option.

Draft 412 Choice - Jack Suwinksi

Left Field

The Pirates gave Bryan Reynolds the largest contract in the history of the organization. He has not been as dominant in 2023 as the Pirates envisioned, though he has been hitting well of late. He is a competent fielder with a good arm, who you could move to center if needed.

Draft 412 still likes his bat and thinks he can still be a .280 hitter with 25 home run power. This is the easiest lineup spot to predict on the team.

Draft 412 choice - Bryan Reynolds

Designated Hitter

The Pirates need to bring back Andrew McCutchen. He wants to be here, and the Pirates need his bat and leadership. The ship looks like it has sailed on Cutch being a defensive player, and that is fine. His bat still produces and that’s what a DH is about after all.

For games when the Pirates give him a day off, the team can rotate a player into that spot who needs a break from playing the field.

Draft 412 choice - Andrew McCutchen

Please visit for part four of this article next week.

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