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NBA Bets and Predictions for Game 7’s by Stephanos Mavroides

Bets and Predictions for the final games of the second round in the NBA

Game 7- Milwaukee Bucks VS. Boston Celtics 

Prediction: This has been a great series so far and I’d rather watch these two teams play again in the semis, so it sucks that one of these teams has to be eliminated. But, this game will come down to whoever can shut down the other star. Giannis and Tatum have been unreal in this series, so whichever team can limit the other teams star to 20-25 points will have a great shot of taking the game. In my opinion I see the Bucks taking this game due to them having the experience in games like this. While the Celtics may have the better team on the court, I will take the experience and better player in Giannis to steal this one in Boston. 

Score:  Bucks- 101  Celtics- 96 

Game Bets:  Bucks +5,  Bucks Moneyline +180, or under at 206.5 points. Via Fanduel Sportsbook. 

Player bets:   Giannis Antetokounmpo- Under 35.5 points, Under 13.5 rebounds, Under 6.5 Assists. 

Jayson Tatum- Over 30.5 points, Under 7.5 rebounds, Under 5.5 assists. 

Al Horford- Over 11.5 points. 

Bobby Portis- Over 11.5 points. 

Game 7- Dallas Mavericks VS. Phoenix Suns 

Prediction: This series has so far been determined by who is playing at home, as the home team has won all 6 games so far. Which can be seen as a dramatic advantage to the Suns for Game 7. But, I really believe we will see an upset tomorrow. I believe the Mavericks will get the only away win in this series and it’ll be because of the play of Luka Doncic. Luka has been playing unreal, with the only flaw , that he has been streaky from three. I believe with his style of play and the defense that the Mavs play will propel them to come away with it in the end in a real tight game on the road. Only way I can see the Suns winning is if Booker scores 40-45 points. 

Score:  Mavericks- 112   Suns- 108

Game Bets:  Mavericks +6.5,  Moneyline- Mavericks +225, and over 205. Via Fanduel Sportsbook. 

Player Bets:  Luka Doncic over 34.5 points, under 9.5 rebounds. 

        Deandre Ayton under 18.5 points, over 10.5 rebounds. 

        Devin Booker over 27.5 points, under 5.5 rebounds. 

        Jalen Brunson over 19.5 points. 

                     Chris Paul over 8.5 assists. 

By: Stephanos Mavroides

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