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NBA Off-Season Winners and Losers by James Cochran

Wow what a wild NBA offseason so far. This is why the NBA is an all year round sport! Right after the Finals we get right into the NBA draft, free agency, and summer league. Let’s start off with some of the overall winners and losers of this NBA offseason including the draft! 


Boston Celtics- Now the Boston Celtics fresh off of a great season went into the offseason and made a move for Malcolm Brogdon and Gallinari, two big time players. Brogdon more importantly fills the playmaker role for them and takes pressure off of Smart at PG. Overall the Celtics improved with more scoring and playmaking, I look for them to be making another deep playoff run next year. 

Detroit Pistons- The Pistons have been trending up since about the middle of last season. Cade Cunningham started to figure it out and the game slowed down for him which showed he could be a future star in the NBA. Now the Pistons went out and drafted Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren. Ivey and Cade make up one of the scariest backcourts in the league in the near future. Ivey has great athleticism and continues to improve his jumper. Watch out for those 2. Duren is an athletic big man who reminds me of Robert Williams, a lob threat for the Pistons which they greatly needed. 

Utah Jazz & Minnesota Timberwolves- This was a no brainer for me. Yes the T-Wolves gave up a lot but they received exactly what they needed for a deep playoff run. A defensive anchor and someone that can screen and roll with D-Lo and Anthony Edwards. People are also overlooking the fact that Karl Anthony Towns is not a true Center and sliding him to the PF position will allow him to thrive on offense against easier matchups. As for the Jazz they shed a big contract and receive some role players and a ton of draft picks which it looks like they will need for the ultimate rebuild that is coming. Donovan Mitchell I believe will play another season with the Jazz and be traded in the next offseason. Overall one team is headed up the standings and another looking to load up similar to what the OKC Thunder did in having a lot of draft picks and hoping to hit on them. 


Brooklyn Nets- A superteam that turned into a super headache for fans and the entire Nets organization. The Nets began the 2021 season with the NBA Championship on the brain but ended up getting swept in the first round. Not even 1 win in the playoffs. Now Kyrie gets upset and Kevin Durant running away is a usual sight, just a different uniform. The Nets should ideally take what they can get but being way too greedy is going to end up hurting them in the long run by getting nothing back in return.

Los Angeles Lakers- The Lakers are losers so far in my book. Westbrook opting in as well as not being able to get a deal done for Kyrie hurts. I am one of the few that would love to see Kyrie and Lebron back together and you throw a healthy AD in the mix and you have a championship contender. The new coaching staff is an improvement I believe for defense sake but going to be hard to make Westbrook a winner. 

Sacramento Kings- This team I feel could be on the loser side every year for the last few seasons. They had a chance to draft a top 3 prospect at 4 in Jaden Ivey and went with Keegan Murray. Not saying Keegan Murray isn’t a good player but not game changing like what the Kings need. I could be wrong a couple years from now and Ivey is not as good as advertised but history shows the Kings have a knack for just missing out on superstars. Ever heard the name Luka Doncic? Google it and get back to me!

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