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No Way He Should Play by J.T.

No Way He Should Play by J.T.

Doing a lot of reading on Pitt sites, and message boards and a lot of Pitt football fans are disappointed that Kenny Pickett is contemplating not playing. Kenny, as a father of a 22-year-old son, DON’T PLAY.

Kenny Pickett now 24 years of age, has made the gamble of a lifetime on his future career, earnings, etc. Now it is time for him to step away and start getting ready for the combine. You see Mr. Pickett was at best a 4th round pick in the 2021 draft if he entered, but Kenny took full advantage of the extra year of eligibility and has made himself a first-round talent. Think about this if it was your own son/daughter, millions of dollars await him and you want to let him go out there in a meaningless bowl game? Pickett has already set out to accomplish what was needed, 11-2 record, ACC Champions, Heisman candidate. What does playing against Michigan St. do for Kenny? If you need some help here, look at TE-Jake Butt from Michigan a surefire first round pick out of Michigan in 2017, but guess what he played in the Orange Bowl in 2016 and tore his ACL. His first-round grade, was now a 5th round pick of the Broncos.

If Kenny Pickett or any other player is in the college football playoffs then I say yes play, it is a once in a lifetime chance to be a National Champion. But in a meaningless bowl game on December 30th? If I was Kenny’s dad I would tell my son no way, and you Pitt fans should understand 120%

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