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Pennsylvania Teams Biggest Needs by Logan Lepiscopo

NFL Teams Biggest Needs by Draft Order

NFL writer Logan Lepiscopo continues to bring a series that will entitle every NFL team’s biggest need heading into the NFL draft. Each article will consist of two teams going in draft order. This article will be a Pennsylvania special, featuring the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers. If a team has multiple first-round picks, the team that originally owned that pick will be covered, to avoid repetitiveness and ensure all 32 teams have been written about. Logan Lepiscopo will also give his “perfect/ideal” draft for each and every NFL team. 

Philadelphia Eagles: Cornerback

  1. If there is a draft to jump a team from duds to studs, the Eagles 2022 draft is the one. Three first round picks alone will allow the Eagles to fill three of its biggest needs with some of the highest-level rookie talent. Darius Slay is still playing at an exceedingly high level but being 31 years old now the Eagles have to realize the end of his career is on the horizon. Avonte Maddox is not a terrible cornerback, but with this year’s draft class being as talented as it is at the cornerback position it needs to be addressed, preferably with one of those three first round picks. Next need stays on the defensive side of the ball with the defensive tackle position. The team brought back Fletcher Cox, but when mentioning this signing you cannot forget just two days prior the Eagles had released Cox. With that being said it is a consensus that Fletcher Cox will not be back after this season, which would leave Milton Williams and Javon Hargrave to take control of the position. While the Eagles have a lot of young talent behind Cox, there is still a need to find the next elite tackle talent for Philadelphia’s defensive line. Last need, and I am sure this will be as predicted, the wide receiver position. DeVonta Smith was a terrific addition to the locker room last season, but now the team has signed wide receiver Zach Pascal, a guy that should not be viewed as anything more than WR depth. I expect all three of the needs that I listed to be addressed with the Eagles three first round picks. Though it could be likely the Eagles trade away one or two of these first-round picks, or even trade back in the draft if it is in the team’s best interest. If all first-round picks are held on to, Philadelphia must capitalize on these three picks and build a new young foundation. (Mock draft done 3/29/22 4:00pm EST)

RD-1-Pick 15- WR-Garrett Wilson- Ohio State

RD-1-Pick 16- LB-Devin Llyod- Utah

RD-1-Pick 19- CB-Andrew Booth Jr.- Clemson

RD-2-Pick 51- ED-Myaji Sanders- Cincinnati

RD-3-Pick 83- CB-Alontae Taylor- Tennessee 

RD-4-Pick 124- DT-Matthew Butler- Tennessee

RD-5-Pick 154- TE-Charlie Kolar- Iowa State

RD-5-Pick 162- S-Yusuf Corker- Kentucky

RD-5-Pick 166- WR-Danny Gray- SMU

RD-6-Pick 194- IOL-Zach Tom- Wake Forest

Top player hitting free agency: Derek Barnett (Resigned)

Cap space: $20.71M

Pittsburgh Steelers: Quarterback

  1. Mitchell Trubisky this, Mitchell Trubisky that, as much as Steelers fans like this free agent signing, a quarterback will be drafted at the twentieth overall pick if Malik Willis or Kenny Pickett end up dropping down boards. Though recent rumors are that Willis and Pickett are both top ten picks, anything can happen in the NFL draft. If a quarterback does not fall to twentieth overall, cornerback is the team’s top priority. This cornerback room stinks, plain and simple. Bringing back Witherspoon was definitely important for the team, and no offense to Levi Wallace and Justin Layne but as an opposing offense I would pass the ball 50-60 times. As said in the Eagles breakdown, the corners in the 2022 draft class are incredibly talented. Following the quarterback and cornerback position, offensive line is the next position that needs to be looked at, James Daniels and Chukwuma Okorafor were good starts to help build this offensive unit but there is still a need for depth and even starting talent. The Steelers have Kendrick Green, who could become a starter in this offensive line unit, not to mention the addition of Mason Cole at center. Offensive line will not be a first-round pick, perhaps not even second round, but it will be filled out during the draft at some point. The third and final big need for the Steelers is the safety position. Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert stopped all rumors of Tyrann Mathieu (The Honey Badger) stating “Our preference is always to add players coming off of their first contract or as close to their first contract as they can be.” I know this broke many Steeler fans hearts, that the thought of Minkah Fitzpatrick and Tyrann Mathieu paired up at safety is terrifying. Fortunately for the rest of the AFC North that will not be happening, unless this is a big smoke screen by Colbert, but there is still plenty of safety talent out in the draft class this season. For all the Steelers know, they could find the next Honey Badger. (Mock Draft done (3/29/22 4:40pm EST) 

RD-1-Pick 20- QB-Kenny Pickett- Pitt

RD-2-Pick 52- IOL-Dylan Parham- Memphis

RD-3-Pick 84- S-Kerby Joseph- Illinois

RD-4-Pick 138- CB-Kalon Barnes- Baylor

RD-6-Pick 208- WR-Ty Fryfogle- Indiana

RD-7-Pick 225- OT-Nick Zakelj- Fordham

RD-7-Pick 241- DT-LaBryan Ray- Alabama

Top player hitting free agency: Ahkello Witherspoon (Resigned)

Cap space: $13.45M

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