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Pirates' Minor League Report- May

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The Pittsburgh Pirates' farm system was ranked #8 in the pre-season by and with the #1 pick in 2023, should only get better. Draft 412 will take a look at each minor league team and provide stats and analysis as to which prospects will be the next to contribute in the big leagues.

Single A Bradenton Marauders (24-21) 7.5-GB

Bradenton is loaded with some of the organization's top prospects. Pitcher, Thomas Harrington, and Second Baseman, Termarr Johnson, are the two players who could swiftly move through the organization.

Top Hitters

- 2B- Termarr Johnson- (RD-1,2022) .272 (BA) 1-HR 10-RBI .750 OPS

- OF- Enmanuel Terrero- (FA, 2019) .290 (BA) 2-HR 21-RBI .813 OPS

- OF- Tres Gonzalez- (RD-5, 2022) .299 (BA) 1-HR 12-RBI .830 OPS

- OF- Rodolfo Nolasco- (FA, 2018) .253 (BA) 3-HR 17-RBI .817 OPS

- OF- Shalin Polanco- (FA, 2021) .211 (BA) 6-HR 20-RBI .711 OPS

Top Pitchers

-SP-Thomas Harrington- (RD-CB-A-2022) 4-1 2.77 ERA 8-GS

-SP- J.P. Massey-(RD-7, 2022) 2-2 2.62 ERA 6-GS

HIGH A Greensboro Grasshoppers (23-20) 3-GB

Greensboro does not have as much talent as they did in 2022 but still have some names that will be noteworthy in the future of the Pirates.

Top Hitters

-SS-Tsung-Che Cheng- (FA, 2019) .288 (BA) 6-HR 21-RBI .950 OPS

-3B- Jackson Glenn- (RD-5, 2021) .343 (BA) 6-HR 28-RBI .992 OPS

-2B- Jase Bowen- (RD-11, 2019) .245 (BA) 8-HR 32-RBI .768 OPS

-OF- Sammy Siani- (RD-CB-A-2019) .250 (BA) 5-HR 15-RBI .823 OPS

Top Pitchers

-SP- Anthony Solometo- (RD-2, 2021) 1-3 3.16 ERA 42.2 IP 52-SO

-SP- Bubba Chandler- (RD-3, 2021) 2-2 6.62 ERA 34-IP 39-SO

-RP- Jaycob Deese- (RD-17, 2022) 2-0 4.82 ERA 28- IP

-RP- Cy Nielson- (RD-8, 2022) 1-0 2.49 ERA 21-IP

DOUBLE A Altoona Curve (22-21) 1-GB

The Altoona Curve are the must watch team in the organization. Former first overall pick Henry Davis has been on fire, and the Curve have some interesting pitching prospects as well (Kyle Nicolas, Sean Sullivan).

Top Hitters

-C- Henry Davis- (RD-1, 2021) .302 (BA) 10-HR 27-RBI 1.048 OPS

-OF-Matt Fraizer- (RD-3, 2019) .259 (BA) 3-HR 9-RBI .717 OPS

-OF-Matt Gorski- (RD-2, 2019) .242 (BA) 5-HR 19-RBI .685 OPS

-SS-Liover Peguero-(Trade/ARI-2020) .255 (BA) 4-HR 21-RBI .738 OPS

Top Pitchers

-SP-Sean Sullivan- (RD-8, 2021) 1-0 2.56 ERA 38.2-IP 34-SO

-SP-Jared Jones- (RD-2, 2020) 0-2 2.54 ERA 28.1-IP 33-SO

-RP-Travis MacGregor- (RD-2, 2016) 3-0 1.40 ERA 25.2-IP 30-SO

-SP-Kyle Nicolas-(Trade/MIA-2021)- 3-5 4.65 ERA 40.2-IP 48-SO

TRIPLE A Indianapolis Indians (24-27) 11.5-GB

The Indianapolis Indians were named the #7 most talented minor league team in all of baseball by this off-season. They have not played as well as many have thought. Endy Rodriguez is the prospect most likely to join the Pirates in 2023.

Top Hitters

-1B- Aaron Shackelford-(RD-14, 2019) .258 (BA 8-HR 21-RBI .908 OPS

-2B-Nick Gonzales- (RD-1, 2020) .252 4-HR 15-RBI .765 OPS

-C-Endy Rodriguez- (Trade/NYM-2021)- .234 (BA) 4-HR 14-RBI .714 OPS

Top Pitchers

SP-Quinn Priester- (RD-1, 2019)- 5-3 4.96 ERA 45.1-IP 47-SO

SP-Osvaldo Bido- (FA, 2017)- 2-3 4.30 ERA 44-IP 46-SO

RP-Cam Alldred- (RD-24, 2018) 2-0 4.18 ERA 23.2-IP 29-SO

Organizational Best

Top 5 Batting Avg. (min.75-AB)

Jackson Glenn (High A)- .343

Domingo Leyba (AA)- .329

Miguel Andujar (AAA)- .304

Henry Davis (AA)- .302

Mark Mathias (AAA)- .298

Top 5- Home Runs

Henry Davis (AA)- 10

Mason Martin (AA)- 8

Jase Bowen (High A)- 8

Mike Jarvis (High A)- 8

Aaron Shackelford (AAA)- 8

Top 5 in Strike Outs

Anthony Solometo (High A)- 52

Kyle Nicolas (AA)- 48

Quinn Priester (AAA)- 47

Osvaldo Bido (AAA)- 46

J.P. Massey (A)- 44

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