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Roller Coaster Football Fans by J.T.

Roller Coaster Football Fans by J.T.

If you are a Pitt Panthers, and or a Pittsburgh Steelers fan the past two weeks has been the story of how a Pittsburgh season goes. Just two weekends ago the Panthers traveled to Tennessee and won a huge road game 41-34 to go to 2-0. Pitt fans had a sense of hope going into their remaining schedule. This season in the ACC appears to be the best chance that this Pitt squad could make a run. Clemson is not the Tigers we are used to seeing, North Carolina has lost, Virginia Tech lost to West Virginia, and Florida St. is 0-3. After the excitement of the win at Tennessee many fans took to Twitter, and the Pitt Fanatics page with visions of 9-10 wins, not to mention a chance to take the Coastal Division and play in a meaningful bowl game. Of all the Pitt fans I read their takes not one said Western Michigan was anything more than a win. The Broncos came to Heinz Field and put 44 points on the board and more than 500 yards on what was said to be a stellar Pitt defense. Some of the same fans who just one week before was saying a Pat Narduzzi team has finally turned the corner, are now saying that Pitt needs to look in a different direction.

The Steelers started the 2021 season with a huge road win at Buffalo. A win where every local pundit predicted a Bills win. The Steeler fans were on cloud nine, I saw some of the nicest Mike Tomlin posts that I remember reading in several years. 1-0 and hosting the Raiders in week two, Steelers fans had visions of a 2-0 start to the 2021 season. Once again, a Mike Tomlin team lost to an underdog at home as the Steelers defense who was the talk of the town in week one got lit up by Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders. To be quite honest the Steelers defense had several injuries including Joe Haden and Devin Bush not suiting up, and T.J. Watt and Tyson Alualu going down early in the game. The fans attacked Mike Tomlin with ruthlessness after the loss just one week after a huge road win against one of the AFC’s best teams. Pittsburgh fans (Panthers, Steelers) should be used to the roller coaster rides of a season, and to think we are in the infant days of this season still. Fans should just take week to week and not try to look to January in September. Buckle up…. we have only just begun.

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