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Spencer Rattler Profile By J.T.

2022 Draft Profile

QB-Spencer Rattler- Oklahoma

6’ 1” 205 LBS

Red-Shirt Sophomore


Rattler was one of the highest rated prospects to ever come out of Arizona. Spencer was able to collect a state high 11,083 yards and 116 touchdowns during his illustrious career.

Also was a standout basketball player but focused strictly on football his senior season. Rattler was ruled ineligible during the end of his senior season for what was said to be a violation of district code of conduct policy.

Positives (+):

Amazing outside the pocket and can throw the ball with a smooth, fluid motion. Exceptionally good at feeling when to step up in the pocket while not losing vision down the field. Able to pick the correct times to tuck the ball and take off, will not make you miss but is not afraid to put his head down to get the extra yard or two.

Negatives (-)

Just a one-year starter who has played inconsistent at times. Offense is built around a one or two receiver route without much in the way of checking down. May have to prove he can handle NFL type reads. While running zone reads, Rattler tends to miss the reads and take off with the ball more times than not.


As of right now (today) Rattler could be one of the first 1-3 quarterbacks taken in 2022. Spencer has a chance with a big year to jump into the #1 overall talk. Oklahoma, picked to be a top three team in 2022 so Rattler will have plenty of opportunity to shine on the big stage.


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