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We Are……..Not Happy by Chris Snyder

We Are……….. Not Happy

The question to Sandy Barbour is why? You have rewarded our head coach his new contract of 75 million for 10 years. I guess his 2 and 13 record against top ten teams did it…… No? It must have been his 11 and 17 record against top twenty-five teams….. No How about the 7-5 record this season, this must be it! Would you please explain to the PSU faithful this decision? Are our expectations that of an occasionally good team, or that of an annual contender? This University is compensating this staff comparable or more than Saban, Smart, Day, Fisher, Riley, Swinney, why? The results do not equate to this contract. So, Please Sandy Barbour, explain to all the faithful…….. WHY? A life-long PSU fan, Chris Snyder


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