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Welcome to the Organization, RHP-Zander Mueth

by J.T. Toth

Photo courtesy of 247 Sports.

Name- Zander Mueth

Pos-SP B-R T-R

Team- Belleville East High School (IL)

HT/WT- 6’6” 205 lbs.

Born- 6/22/2005

Home – Swansea, IL

Drafted- Competitive Balance Round B (67)

The Pittsburgh Pirates selected high school pitcher, Zander Mueth, out of Illinois with their competitive balance pick at the end of round 2.

Mueth, who just turned 18 last month, is 6 '6" and still filling out his frame. He throws from a low three-quarters arm slot, often delivering a fastball that sits at 92-94 mph. His fastball has clocked in at 97-mph as a high schooler and has a natural sink to it. The slider Mueth throws sweeps in the opposite direction of his fastball and averages 80-82 mph, breaking so much that Mueth has issues finding control of it at times. When he gets this under command, it’s thrown in the mid-80’s and will be a strong, complimentary third pitch.

As a high schooler, Mueth is still a work in progress by any definition. He throws from different arm angles, making his delivery deceptive, but he also suffers from control problems as a result. He doesn't have a natural or repeatable delivery yet, which tends to be a red flag for possible future arm problems.

Mueth gets compared a lot to Tanner Houck of the Boston Red Sox because of their similar arm slots. He is unique in the way he winds and throws, not using his legs nearly as much as other pitchers.

The Mississippi recruit said Sunday night he will forego his collegiate eligibility and sign a professional contract, likely starting in A-ball and working his way through the minors with no time table. The hope inside the Pirates' organization is that he develops and could become a 2-3 starter one day for the club.

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